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Absolute Education is a fast growing publishing house in India having its focal point on academic text books intended for school children. It had its inception in the year 2010 as a culmination of the efforts and interest of a few likeminded educationists. The beginning was a very humble event with a Hindi Title as the sole output. The company was given a face lift in the year 2012 when a couple of persons were taken in as directors. Since then, the firm has been witnessing an absolute growth. New titles with more student friendly approaches and new methodology matching with the change of time have been introduced. The titles published by Absolute Education have become dearer to the schools in general and students in particular. Today with a vast number of titles, the publication caters to the needs of over 650 CBSE /ICSE/ State syllabus schools in Kerala. In short, it satisfies the palate of every student.
Currently, the company is in the process of stretching out to other parts of India adopting many innovations in the field of education. Absolute education is committed to provide quality books for qualitative education. In addition to this, we provide refresher programmes and workshops to empower the teaching fraternity to meet the challenges of time.

Vision & Mission

Absolute Education synonimically aims at creating a congenial atmosphere for complete education. Education becomes comprehensive when it fulfills the growing needs of every child. Child, the most valuable and precious gift, is fortified under the protective umbrella of our visionary managers. We support students, with our expertise and equipments, in their flight to becoming the worthy members of society. Since a child’s world is as wide as the vast universe, our mission is to help every child find his own trajectory in this universe. To achieve this goal different wings of the Organization work in Absolute harmony.

Absolute Education in Short

Diversity in activities.

Education becomes meaningful only when we are able to take care of the educational needs of a knowledge seeker. The needs include text books, notebooks, uniforms, belts, ties, printing and stationery etc. Valuable time of schools and students in pursuit of study materials can be saved if the task of their procurement or supply is entrusted to a dependable agency. Any item a school or student requires as part of his educational needs, it will be made available promptly by our supply executives. We do not concentrate only on the supply of tangible items like text books, note books etc. service supply is also taken care of by us. A school that requires advice on any matter ranging from permission by local self government to apex body, the concerned Board, can contact Absolute Education and we will be ready to equip you with all relevant details. We provide promptly all these items to schools whenever a need for any item arises.

Absolute Education Council:

A sound education requires a proper and periodic assessment of the learner. The learner, first of all, has to learn about himself before he ventures into any academic stream. His potentials are to be explored and excavated. To achieve this goal, scientifically and systematically developed testing tools are made available by the Absolute Education Council. The Council aims at conducting examinations of various nature and dimensions. Students are categorized based on their aptitude and analytical skills. Schools are provided with qualitative questions to assess and analyze the knowledge level of students. Any school can subscribe to such questions according to its needs and question papers will be delivered at its door in time.

Unity Books

The school distribution unit of Absolute Education was started in 2012 to reach out to every school in Kerala. Unity books now, supply text books of each and every publishing house in the country along with other materials of educational needs. If the publisher or title seems to be unreachable by you, feel free to dial our number and we will get them for you at the earliest. We believe firmly in the slogan ‘An ultimate solution to all educational needs is The Absolute. ’

Absolute Education and Charitable Trust

Absolute Education has a vision different from that of other corporate. Profit is given an insignificant place in our annual returns. When the corporate are aiming at maximizing business and profit, Absolute Education and Charitable Trust concentrates on humanitarian and philanthropic services of higher order. We organize awareness campaigns, extend support to the needy and downtrodden and sponsor students of weaker section. Further, we tender the sick and the afflicted in the society and feed the starved and the poor in hospitals. We also provide free study materials to those students who can not have access to them.

GATE @ School

General Aptitude Test and Evaluation is a testing tool developed by our educational experts to assess the inherent talents and skills of students. It enables teachers and parents to analyze and understand the potentials of children of varied age. The test comprises of numerical ability, language skill, observation skill, general awareness, mental ability, current affairs, problem solving skill (PSA) and activity based questions. This is an ideal method of evaluation of students of Classes LKG to VIII. Proceeds from GATE @ School are devoted for humanitarian services taken up by Absolute Education and Charitable Trust. We offer a wide range of services and solutions that are designed to meet the needs of today’s schools and students.

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