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homepagepicAbsolute Education is a fast growing publishing house in India having its focal point on academic text books intended for school children. It had its inception in the year 2010 as a culmination of the efforts and interest of a few likeminded educationists. The beginning was a very humble event with a Hindi Title as the sole output. The company was given a face lift in the year 2012 when a couple of persons were taken in as directors. Since then, the firm has been witnessing an absolute growth. New titles with more student friendly approaches and new methodology matching with the change of time have been introduced. The titles published by Absolute Education have become dearer to the schools in general and students in particular. Today with a vast number of titles, the publication caters to the needs of over 650 CBSE /ICSE/ State syllabus schools in Kerala.

Currently, the company is in the process of stretching out to other parts of India adopting many innovations in the field of education. Absolute education is committed to provide quality books for qualitative education. In addition to this, we provide refresher programmes and workshops to empower the teaching fraternity to meet the challenges of time.

Absolute Education Council

A sound education requires a proper and periodic assessment of the learner. The learner, first of all, has to learn about himself before he ventures into any academic stream.

Unity Books

The school distribution unit of Absolute Education was started in 2012 to reach out to every school in Kerala. Unity books now, supply text books of each and every publishing ….

Absolute Charitable Trust

Absolute Education has a vision different from that of other corporate. Profit is given an insignificant place in our annual returns. When the corporate are aiming at maximizing ….

Gate @ School

General Aptitude Test and Evaluation is a testing tool developed by our educational experts to assess the inherent talents and skills of students. It enables teachers and parents to analyze ….

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